Prompt delivery, well packaged. I decided to have a dabble in the solar power world to supply a small amount of power to my shed and garage. I bought the sungoldpower panel purely on the strength of the reviews as up to this point i knew nothing about solar power at all.
The panel arrived very quickly was well packed and it is a high quality product. The panel delivers what it says it will, allthough the weather since i installed the panel has been very sunny it may be a different story when the weather reverts to a typicall English summer. Allthough even on an overcast day it still puts power into my 100ah battery.What a great piece of kit from a great company,well packaged,superb quality,you can’t go wrong with these guys.
Excellent product! Built to last and withstand the elements.This kit powers my solar fridge, and another identical kit powers the solar freezer. There’s enough power remaining on the one connected to the fridge that it also powers the computer and desk lamp via a 450 Watt inverter.
It’s the best quality and value I was able to find on the net. I think it’s well worth the money; you’ll want to be able to have this level of accuracy in order to know your systems operating condition.


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