I bought this because of the price and output. I love the quality and it came quickly. I have bought 2. SO were there any down sides? Yes. I did not want to include a battery in the circuit (cheaper) I had decided to run the load only when the sun was shining (a pump for a pond). No current on the load circuit UNTIL a battery is added.

This is worth knowing. I guess if someone had asked me I would have said the rating on the panel could never actually be achieved, and it is so, even on a very sunny day, the current was well below that for which the panel ssays, but then this would be true for all panels. I only mention because if you are calculating the watts you need for a panel to produce do factor in the fact you will NEVER get what they state.

So would I buy again? Yes I would happily buy more, as the product is good provided you know the limitations, and almost forgot, the supplier was very helpful even if it was just asking me to get a multi-meter on the equipment and then to buy a battery and try with that in the circuit.


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