I have bought a quantity of these but have only got three of them mounted and connected so far as a test, I will be moving home soon and didn’t want to go to the effort of temporally mounting them all then having to dismantle it all again. As you can see from the attached photo they are mounted on the roof of my garden shed, and at this time of the year there is no direct sunlight, only ambient.

Even in these dull conditions the panels are still showing over 19v but obviously the current is low, but still sufficient to keep my bank of 4 * 130A/Hr batteries charged. My Esky 30A charger shows they have supplied 20.6KW/Hrs over the past 2 weeks. The battery bank doesn’t have a lot of drain at the moment but I am still very impressed with the power these three units have supplied.

I will be moving to southern Spain next year and because the location will have poor power I needed panels that would at least keep the lights on all night, and use a generator for the rest of the house as and when needed. I originally estimated 50% efficiency from these panels and that I would need at least 20 of them but I’m recalculating my needs now as I will probably need less.

I bought these at @ £74 but have noticed they have gone up a few £s due to the drop in the exchange rate, which is reversing again so these should become cheaper again soon.

The outer frame is pretty sturdy and there are four mounting holes underneath. I’m a steel man so I made my own hinged mounting bracket for them all and fitted steel strips inside to reinforce the aluminium.


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