Arrived quicker than expected, supplier kept us informed of a split delivery. Installing was easy and everything worked, easily charging the battery. The controller is able to supply regulated 12V DC via two connectors. The screw connector is not regulated so can exceed 12VD, I saw 15V DC in bright sunlight. Pleased to note that they supplied the connectors to bare wire. Simple solder and heat sleeve to join on to the equipment I wanted to power.

Bit of damage to the controller which we photoed and emailed the supplier, they replaced it immediately.

I purchased the Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit for our shed. I’m happy with the solar panel – it is easy to install and the leads are a good length. The charge controller supplied started malfunctioning after a couple of months – the seller wanted a video of the fault before replacing it – I decided to buy a high quality MPPT controller instead as I didn’t want to risk any damage happening to my leisure battery should the replacement also fail.
Great item. Solar panel seems to be pumping out the amps i need, and its now connected to two deep cycle batteries. The charge controller is fine, just wish the screen was more readable in bright light. Enough wire comes to be able to cut it and use the other half to connect to the battery with the addition of some car battery connectors. Cant fault this really.


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