This panel was a part of my first venture into solar power. I wanted to be able to recharge a leisure battery while off-grid and was unsure about the best way to do it.
This panel is very light but gives a good level of output even when the sunlight strikes it obliquely. It is well constructed with good quality cables and plugs and a rigid aluminium frame. I built a simple foldable stand that holds the panel at the correct angle towards the sun. Combined with an inexpensive solar charge controller, an inverter and a leisure battery I now have plenty of power for electronic devices (laptop, phone charging, lighting etc.) when camping or boating.
Really good piece of kit. Arrived promptly and very well packaged. I was worried that a glass item might not survive in transit but everything was good. I mounted the panel on the roof of my car and by the time I had fitted it, the evening light was not very strong, but it started charging my leisure battery right away. Very nicely produced solar panel and hope to get many years service from it.
I use an invertor and charge my electric bike battery as well as a couple of 3amp led strip lights. At home I have run my grass strimmer and small lawnmower from the leisure battery. Great to walk away and know the battery is being recharged free from the sun.
Very pleased with this solar panel. Even charges battery in low light conditions. Am using it in conjuction with a controller and lead/acid batteries. It’s on and working, and I never even have to think about it! Working out how to mount it took some head-scratching: but got there in the end. By the way, no mounting bolts are provided – but the rear of the panel has 4 holes to take bolt heads or nuts.


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