What do solar panels cost? Is there much difference in solar panel prices? What about solar panel rebates? Or feed-in-tariffs!?

Let’s take a good look at what’s involved so that you get a clear picture of how much solar panels cost.

1. What are we talking about? “Solar Panels Cost”?

It’s important we get a clear idea of what we’re talking about. When you say, “how much do solar panels cost?”, we need to be clear. You’re talking about a solar system – including the racking, inverter and full installation. Otherwise, if you want to know how much solar panels cost – literally, this is not the place for you. Go and do a search on how much individual solar panels cost.

2. Apples with Apples

The next thing to think about is this: How much does a TV cost? That’s right – there are loads of different TVs and different sizes. It’s no different with solar panels. One thing with solar panels though is that you can compare pricing “per Watt”. This would be similar to if you were to compare TVs “per inch” of screen. It’s basically “how much” solar panel you get. The next thing of course is brand. Sorry but a SONY TV is not going to cost the same as a TEAC TV.

But to give you an idea of how much solar panels cost in Australia – let’s have a look at the table below:

Panel brandTier ratingReview linkCost (lower end)Cost (higher end) TRINA1$0.55$0.65 SERAPHIM2$0.51$0.58 WINAICO2$0.68$0.74 JINKO1$0.55$0.65 ET SOLAR1$0.57$0.66 GCL2NA$0.47$0.51 TALESUN1$0.47$0.52 BENQ2NA$0.56$0.62 Q CELLS1NA$0.7$0.78 AUO2NA$0.62$0.65 PHONO1$0.58$0.63 SUNTECH2$0.71$0.8 LG1$0.74$0.82 LIGHTWAY2NA$0.47$0.5 YINGLI1$0.51$0.57 JA SOLAR1NA$0.51$0.56 CNPV1NA$0.49$0.53 RISEN ENERGY1$0.65$0.72 BYD1NA$0.51$0.56 FIRST SOLAR1NA$0.67$0.74


Pricing above is provided only as a means of comparing which panels might price differently compared to others. This is be no means an accurate indicate of how much solar panels cost – just an estimated measure of solar panel price differences in Australia (December, 2017).

3. Pricing differences around Australia

Around Australia, prices vary a bit – but not a great deal.

Solar Panel Rebates Zones - Image Courtesy Apricus Australia

Main considerations:

Perth and remote locations will be more expensive Rebates vary by location – sunnier locations get more rebates. See our solar panel rebates page for more details Installers charge all sorts of different prices – so do electronics outlets when you buy something like a TV.


4. Solar Panels Cost –  Rebates

Rebates come into the equation!

What this means is basically, your “solar panels” are free. But you pay for the installation and the inverter, racking, wiring etc. That’s a “rough rule”.

Find out more about solar panel rebates here.

What about the feed-in-tariff? This is entirely different! Nothing to do with how much solar panels cost. More about how much they deliver in savings. Read our page on feed-in-tariffs for more.

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