With “Snowmageddon” (or “Seattle Snopocalypse” if you prefer) affecting everyone in the area, many people are experiencing power outages. People are wondering about battery backup systems and how they can eliminate the risk of a future power outage. You might be thinking about purchasing a generator – but wait! Batteries may be a better choice than a generator for many reasons! Here is an introduction to two different battery backup systems we sell, the LG Chem RESU and the Goal Zero Yeti 3000.

Batteries vs. Generators

Batteries are more environmentally friendly than fossil fuel powered generators. The batteries used in both of these backup systems have a small carbon footprint a long life cycle, can easily be recycled and don’t rely on fuels which cause pollution.

Batteries can be charged from any source of electricity (including solar!). Many homeowners charge their batteries with electricity supplied from the grid. However, homeowners with solar panels can also charge their batteries using energy from their solar panels.

Generators are loud and require regular maintenance. Home batteries are low maintenance and quiet.

Batteries are fast and efficient. A grid-tied solar photovoltaic (PV) system with battery backup can respond quicker to a power outage than an auto-start generator can and there is no fuel cost.

Batteries are a great add-on to a solar PV system. How would a “Solar + Battery” backup power system work? Solar panels would generate power during daylight hours, and batteries would store that solar energy for use at night. Solar + Battery backup power systems can provide energy for extended power outages and can even be used to go completely off the grid. Additionally, you can use the solar panels to generate free power when there is not an outage, which can save you thousands of dollars on your electric bill.


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