Our Goal

  1. The top of the negative element is behavioural characteristics. Computer games induces aggressive thoughts leading to aggressive behaviour. Kids act violently after they play games that are violent. When a game rewards the child for winning the game by being aggressive and violent, he / she thinks that it is alright to apply it in real life. It creates confusion in their mind.

  2. Social Isolation is the next one to be addressed. Kids get so much drowned and addicted in the computer game world that they forget most of the real time activities. Time spent with family and friends decrease thus, decreasing human interaction.

  3. A child who is more addicted to the gaming world shows low interest towards academic achievement. Not only do they skip their homework to play games, they also tend to get low grades at school. They give more importance to the achievement in the computer games rather than achieving in academics.

  4. Health issues like obesity, skeletal and muscular disorders are seen mostly in kids who use computer games. This is due to the decrease in their physical activity which is very important during the growing years.

  5. Addiction to anything is bad and computer games are one of the biggest addictions that leads to depression and anxiety at a much younger age.

  6. A disconnect is developed between the individual and the real world. The basic part of the childhood days is to day dream and share their experiences with the parents and siblings. If a computer game occupies the brain of the child, the whole process of joy and imagination is lost

Creating the Balance

Setting the right balance would make it work as magic. Computer games are one of the recreational activities. Apart from computer games, if a variety of recreational activities is set for the kids, say, like playing sports in the evening, reading books, interacting with the neighbourhood kids and watching TV, then computer games will never become an addiction. Limiting the time for playing computer games and observing the effects on the child after playing the game is the parents’ duty. A parents’ duty is to monitor the children and control all the aspects for their well-being.